There is no "big picture"; there is no end to the small pictures.

We all hear the music, we all watch the movies. Only 24 hours in each day, only seven days per week. The ideas are endless; the restless need to go to a new place. Get comfortable but not stagnant.

If I can help facilitate the time, place, and process that each creator needs to work in, if the work is revealed, if it gets to where it should go, then I'll get some sleep.

Allen Spiegel
June 2006

The artist says, "This is how I feel, how I see things. Do you see it this way too?"
He doesn't ask, "What am I going to get out of it?"
What he gets is that the thing exists. That is enough. As a producer, you have to also know that there may be no-one that needs this thing -- no-one but yourself and the artist who needs to make it.

The perfect producer is someone who says, "This needs to happen-this needs to exist.".
But he doesn't think "What am I going to get out of it?".
That is an almost unheard-of point of departure these days.

Allen Spiegel is that kind of producer.

Jon J Muth